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Bones animation with OpenGL, ASSIMP and GLM
Probably you have started a 3d engine, based in some tutorials like the one in, they are really great! I did it! 🙂 As you know, normally [...]
Scene Awards discontinued!
Today is a sad day…
New demo!
New demo presented at Main Party 2012, Electroscopia! enjoy! If you liked it (or not), leave your comments in pouet!
Coding again…
After long time, I’ve resumed the development of proclab! here one shot 😛   time to sleep…
qoob modeler
Reviewing some posts of demoscene, I found some nice posts in the Graphic Size Coding blog, with an interesting modeler for 64kb intros, called [...]
Generating Cellular textures
One of my hobbies is the generation of procedural textures (yes, sounds weird!), and for years, I’ve been trying to generate a nice Cellular texture. [...]
Adding music to your mac intros with protrekkr!
Do you want to make 64k intros with cool music but you know a shit about music? protrekkr is your solution!!! I’ve prepared this small tutorial, [...]
Back to Code!!!
Since I’m in India, I’ve restored my ‘old code’ (Texture and Object Generator). I’ve seen that my old code was almost [...]
pomod 0.7.6 update!! (again!!)
Hi everyone!! new pomod update!! (0.7.5 to 0.7.6), with a few small changes 😛 Default config changed, now ‘Accurate mpeg’ option is false by [...]
pomod 0.7.5
Hi everyone! New pomod version!! 🙂 Well, we can say that it is a minor version (0.7 to 0.7.5), there are no big news, only small bugfixes, and a small [...]