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Novetats de l’últim xcode3
Hola! porto un parell de dies trastejant amb el últim xcode 3 (el que be amb el Leopard) i he de dir que porta més canvis dels que em pensava, entre ells [...]
iphone, now you have a rival: android!!
IM-PEZIONANTE!!!Así me he quedado cuando he visto el sdk que ha sacado google de android, una nueva plataforma para dispositivos móviles abierta. No te ha [...]
pomod 0.7
Hi everybody!!some months ago, I changed my Motorola L7 mobile for an HTC s200, it has windows mobile, it’s ugly, usually hangs, and so on… but [...]
Cocoa tutorial 3!!!
In this tutorial we will develop an Image Viewer!!! It supports lots of formats: jpg, gif (animated also!), png, tga, psd (!!), and some more. Maybe I will [...]
Cocoa tutorials updated!!
I have recieved some mails with doubts and bugs about the tutorials I did, so I decided to update them.Estefania (drumu) suggested me to design them with a [...]
Cocoa tutorial 2!!!
In this new tutorial we will know how to add panels to our app, and will learn a little about a preculiar tool called File Merge. enjoy! Cocoa tut 02: [...]
iPackk!!! packer for macOSX!! yeahhhh
Yippieeeee!!! we have an exe-packer for macOSX!!! iPakk!!!!!Here I show you my little tests… i have tried with the default options so I think that [...]
Cocoa tutorial 1!!!
Hey! second tutorial is here!!!!Here we will learn how to do an application from 0.The application will be a simple window with an OpenGL view and 2 [...]
Cocoa tutorial 0!!!
Here you have!!I’ve decided to do some Cocoa tutorials. Why? well… I have my mac for one or two months and since first day, I’ve tried to [...]
Entenent el RSA
Per fi he entés com funciona el xifrat RSA, i com tinc una memòria de peix, he decidit fer un post explicant-ho, per poder-m’ho recordar a mi mateix [...]