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The fbo benefits
When I started using openGL and making some nice effects, I started to use the typical “copy to texture” functions: glTexImage2D [...]
Generating Cellular textures
One of my hobbies is the generation of procedural textures (yes, sounds weird!), and for years, I’ve been trying to generate a nice Cellular texture. [...]
Adding music to your mac intros with protrekkr!
Do you want to make 64k intros with cool music but you know a shit about music? protrekkr is your solution!!! I’ve prepared this small tutorial, [...]
Rainbowduino… a virus in my Arduino!
I’ve started playing with the Arduino platform and is really amazing the possibilities that this open source platform can offer, from beginners to [...]
new server!!! new domain!!!
After some problems with the old server, I’ve decided to move the entire site to a new super-server sponsored by silenci 🙂 and, I’ve done a [...]
new site!!
wahooo!!! I’ve moved all my blog to wordpress and I hope I’ll be posting more often now!!! wordpress rocks!!
procloab is on the way!
Hi all!!! The Procedural Lab program (integrated Texture Generator / Library and Object Generator) that I’m developing is available here!At this [...]
It’s defect speaking
Great letter extracted from here: I am defect. For some people I am a mild [...]
Sobre els drets d’internet
Avui llegint Codepixel m’he trobat amb la següent notícia, que és digne de llegir: Hoy me he encontrado con que la Royal Society de Inglaterra, para [...]
Com perdre respecte als mossos d’esquadra
El passat cap de setmana, de camí a França (a la mainparty), em va passar una cosa si mes no curiosa, que ha desenvocat en la meva total pèrdua de respecte [...]