Fmod for iphone!!
Finally seems that the Firelight team has released a development version of their great sound library fmod for iphone!!. Now I have no excuses to release a [...]
Apple i la censura del iphone
Ara que ja tenim el iphone a “casa”, m’he posat a mirar més en serio tot el tema del desenvolupament amb iphone (simuladors suxxxx), i la [...]
iphone sdk amb suport de OpenGL!!
Toma pelotazo!Han tret la 4a beta del SDK del iphone, el readme posa… This fourth beta release of the iPhone SDK includes a complete set of tools, [...]
GenLab: My last insane tool
Hi all!!! After some weeks developing and doing some research with Cocoa and xcode, I’ve some cool screenshot to show!! I’ve called this tool [...]
Learning objective-C
For everybody that want to start coding with Cocoa using Objetive-C, I recomend you this tutorial published in the great Cocoa Dev Central webpage. A good [...]
fast code: from a "traditional" image buffer to NSImageView
Just a fast code lesson: Assumptions:gfx_data (uchar) –> our “traditional” RGB image bufferIVFinalexture (NSImageView) –> where we [...]
El Emulador del iPhone no té suport de OpenGLES
Desastrós!!!! El emulador del iPhone que ve amb el SDK oficial no té suport de OpenGL-ES!!! és increible!!, però si tota la interfície (diria) que va amb [...]
my iphone hello world
weee!!!! quite simple!!
Trastejant amb el sdk del iphone
Ahir el nostre amic silenci es va apoderar de un ipod touch… realment impressionant!! aixi que no me n’he pogut estar i m’he instal·lat [...]
pomod 0.7.6 update!! (again!!)
Hi everyone!! new pomod update!! (0.7.5 to 0.7.6), with a few small changes 😛 Default config changed, now ‘Accurate mpeg’ option is false by [...]