pomod 0.7

September 28, 2007 - code, demoscene

Hi everybody!!
some months ago, I changed my Motorola L7 mobile for an HTC s200, it has windows mobile, it’s ugly, usually hangs, and so on… but it runs pomod smoothly!! 😀 So, after some months enyoing such a wonderful program I decided to fix some of the bugs I found in my own beta-testing, and implement some new features:

and thats it!! here you have v.0.7 🙂 enjoy it!!

For the next version, i’ll do a completely code refactoring, with some cool features like skin support, and hardware buttons support on WM2005/2006. Probably, the next version will have Compact Framework 2.0 dependencies, so maybe WM2002 users will not be able to run it… 🙁 but, you can still use pomod 0.7 wich runs pretty well!!! 🙂

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