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C64pi project done!!
C64pi project has been finished!! Commodore 64 + Raspberry pi + Retropie An image is better than an article 🙂
New release for Banana Pi!
A new nighty build has been released for Banana Pi, a few changes have been implemented, but i think they’re quite important: Resolved the [...]
New project… with Banana PI!
Hi all!! I have recently bought a BananaPi (a chinese-clone of the Raspberry Pi, with some nice hardware upgrades [dual core, 1Gb RAM, fast ethernet, [...]
Scene Awards discontinued!
Today is a sad day…
New demo!
New demo presented at Main Party 2012, Electroscopia! enjoy! If you liked it (or not), leave your comments in pouet!
Captura de pantalla 2012-03-03 a les 23.40.17
Coding again…
After long time, I’ve resumed the development of proclab! here one shot 😛   time to sleep…
qoob modeler
Reviewing some posts of demoscene, I found some nice posts in the Graphic Size Coding blog, with an interesting modeler for 64kb intros, called [...]
shadow mapping
The fbo benefits
When I started using openGL and making some nice effects, I started to use the typical “copy to texture” functions: glTexImage2D [...]
Generating Cellular textures
One of my hobbies is the generation of procedural textures (yes, sounds weird!), and for years, I’ve been trying to generate a nice Cellular texture. [...]
Adding music to your mac intros with protrekkr!
Do you want to make 64k intros with cool music but you know a shit about music? protrekkr is your solution!!! I’ve prepared this small tutorial, [...]