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Mipmapping: effects of not having it and how to setup in OpenGL 4.5
Today I want to share the reason you should implement mipmapping in your engine/renderer. The definition of mipmapping is basically a set of [...]
Bones animation with OpenGL, ASSIMP and GLM
Probably you have started a 3d engine, based in some tutorials like the one in, they are really great! I did it! 🙂 As you know, normally [...]
Continuous Testing! featuring Jenkins+ALM+UFT!
Hi all!! I will skip unnecessary talks about Continuous integration, because there are thousands of pages that explain this things much better than me, so, [...]
C64pi project done!!
C64pi project has been finished!! Commodore 64 + Raspberry pi + Retropie An image is better than an article 🙂
New release for Banana Pi!
A new nighty build has been released for Banana Pi, a few changes have been implemented, but i think they’re quite important: Resolved the [...]
New project… with Banana PI!
Hi all!! I have recently bought a BananaPi (a chinese-clone of the Raspberry Pi, with some nice hardware upgrades [dual core, 1Gb RAM, fast ethernet, [...]
Scene Awards discontinued!
Today is a sad day…
New demo!
New demo presented at Main Party 2012, Electroscopia! enjoy! If you liked it (or not), leave your comments in pouet!
Coding again…
After long time, I’ve resumed the development of proclab! here one shot 😛   time to sleep…
qoob modeler
Reviewing some posts of demoscene, I found some nice posts in the Graphic Size Coding blog, with an interesting modeler for 64kb intros, called [...]